Poem: The Spiderwoman – Part IV

November 1, 2010 by  
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“The Spiderwoman – Part IV
by Bob Almodovar

A slow jazzy sax wailed over the hum of talking voices.
I stood with my back to the bar as if to launch myself,
my eyes never breaking from hers. This time I was going
for it.

He was a regular guy like any other there that night,
though the years amassed around his waist, and once
broad shoulders sagged a bit. Life had not been kind:
lost loves, a bad marriage, and a daughter seldom seen.

She sat legs crossed, eyes glued to his. It took all she
had not to look away. This was no come on or girlish
flirtation, but a final attempt at this thing called love.
Jack sparked those feelings within her like no other had in

Gulping the last of his draft, he slammed down the stein
and took a step forward. Just then a vision crossed his
mind of an angry ex, suitcase in one hand, tugging at his
daughter with the other, as the little girl’s screams were
heard down the block. He paused for a moment wiping his

brow, and then continued.

As he came closer, her jaw trembled noticeably. Looking away
for a split second, she regained her composure, and with a
smile, resumed her gaze. Arriving at her table, he searched
for some witty comment.

Though never introduced, they were not strangers. Each
wore the battle scars of love wars proudly, like medals of
honor. Each could sense that they were similar, no-nonsense
individuals. “Hi, I’m Jack”. “Nice to meet you, I’m Sarah”.
Jack would never refer to Sarah again as the Spiderwoman.

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