Summer Fish

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by Jaclyn Ianetti

Solstice goddess

Silver Mist

Domain is hearth, home, and bliss

Winter I freeze over solid ice

Waiting for the summer’s blaze to melt my

Element, and myself, back into a puddle of happiness

A dancing mermaid in the waves that crash

Lure you in closer, siren singing to entrance

Like a magnet’s pull is your curiosity

Brings you deeper to my spot in the sea

Otherworldly in nature

 Don’t be afraid of this Pisces stranger

Come swim with me, be as free

Glide with the currents of the deep blue sea

Freedom down to the sun fading gray

The sandy shore, as calm, no words to say

I’ll be the moonshine, never leave the sunlight

Stars are dying into each ripple in the night

I teach you to live, have no direction

Shows wonder in the face of your reflection

Overwhelming sense to liberate

No boundaries, no walls, a chance to follow fate

Now you see for what my fin allows no restriction

To float in a world with no gravity, no friction

Boundless and open, go with the flow

Awash in happiness, a blissful glow

I pity as I watch your feet hit the land

Such delight before you reached sand

While I stay playful in the whirling water’s foam

How lucky to call this place, my home

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STRESS: is it killing you too?

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Every time the stock market wavers, do you feel your heart beat going through the roof? While sitting alone and thinking about your child’s masters degree program, do you shake your foot wildly? Well if the answer is yes, then this article is for you because it will help you avert many impending health disasters.

In terms of science, stress is the measure of the amount of internal forces acting within a body. it was only in 1930’s that is term started being used for biological purposes and today it is one of the most widely used and known terms in mechanics and biology as well. In its true application the mechanical term isn’t very different from its biological counterpart. Stress actually is a term used to account for the forces that operate in the mind and wreak havoc in other parts and systems of the body. Now we all know what stress is, it is very important to understand the dynamics of stress and its effects on our minds so as to debunk the weakest links of our most common adversary. Stress is nothing but a condition where we overwork our brains to an extent where our body stops responding to the quick fire messages being sent by the brain therefore making the nervous system go berserk. For every person the causes and reasons for stress can be different depending on his or her concerns and problems. While for somebody a hamburger without a cheese slice can be a cause of stress and for someone the cause of stress can be the deteriorating health condition of his friend. But if one can incorporate certain lifestyle changes and follow some of our tips and tricks as we like to call them, stress will be no more than an obsolete definition that will we resent to the abyss of mechanics.

Lifestyle Changes:

  1. Simplify life: we humans sometimes make excessive use of our ability to understand future and remember the past. It is a direct consequence of this exercise that we live life with stress while thinking about the future and railing about the past.

Tip number one,

Don’t think about the future or the past,

Live life in the present and have some fun!

  1. Make mistakes: well if you analyze, the question to every impulse of stress going through your body is: “have I made a mistake” from career choices to investment plans, everything comes with its probability of backfiring, but if we become negative and take stress, it surely will backfire. So do not think about going wrong, and even if you do , have faith in yourself.

Do your best,

Leave the rest.

  1. Yoga to help you: it is well known that yoga is the best treatment for stress. With so many forms of yoga being developed you can combine your unrequited passion for dance and can go Hip-hop yoga (please read our article on the same) or plain simple yoga to bust the stress.
  2. Therapy: you can also give many adjunct therapies a shot like aromatherapy that will help to relax your mental muscles thus helping you get rid of your stress. Acupuncture can also help your spine get rid of unnecessary stress that bows you down. Our articles on aromatherapy and acupuncture can help!
  3. Stress busting foods: well this is our trump card! If you like many of us do not have the time to follow any of the abovementioned tips; it is important to accommodate these foods in your daily diet to help you kick the stress out of your life.
  • Asparagus: with its high folic acid content, asparagus will help you balance your mood and relieve you of unnecessary stress.
  • · Guava: as a fruit it has the highest antioxidant count will bust stress for you with a punch of flavor too.
  • · Banana: it helps fight depression as is helps secrete serotonin, which is happy hormone.
  • · Blueberries: packed with fiber and stress fighting vitamin C blueberries help you get rid of the Stress Blues!





So next time you feel stressed out, remember these tips and just say this to yourself

(and this is a part of our stress busting exercise): “you are nothing more than a definition,

you are a closed chapter in my life; See You Never”.



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Our eyes see red and our feet hit the brakes; our eyes see green we say “oh! This is vegetarian, good to eat”. Everything around us color coded. Colors have become so important that they are important symbols of cultural and social machinery. For every person each color has its own significance; for an American child sitting in his bedroom red may be the color of his favorite toy but for an African kid caught raging civil storms red may be the color of blood. It is thus very important to understand the significance of colors and their effect on us.

The history of colors, as funny as it sounds, predates human history. Plants around us were always green, branches were brown; nature unlike our recent visual inventions like the colored TV, has always been colorful. Despite trying to break the mysterious color codes we are unable to replicate the color schemes of nature. The beautiful hint of green on a pigeon’s neck is befitting example of what a great artist nature is and always will be. But with our insatiable thirst for newer and better discoveries, we have been able to harvest the true potential of colors by developing something called COLOURTHERAPY. For those who are unaware of this interesting sounding therapy, Colourtherapy is an adjunct therapy that has today, become an industry in itself. It involves the process of exposing the body to light rays of different colors to help address various physical, mental and spiritual problems. But before going into the details it is imperative to enumerate certain key facts about colors and light.

  1. THE SPECTRUM: The white light as we see it is composed of 7 colors which together constitute the spectrum.
  2. VIBGYOR: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red; do not need to say more.
  3. REFLECTION AND ABSORPTION: the objects that we see around ourselves are so colored because they reflect that particular color from the spectrum and the rest are absorbed by it.
  4. VIBRATION: every color has a wavelength in the spectrum at which it vibrates, thus participating with different functions of the body and mind.

Well now that we know the rudimentary laws of composition and dynamics of colors, it will become very easy to understand Colortherapy. When the body is exposed to a beam of light, every color vibrating at different rates called wavelengths is absorbed physically by different parts of the body. The effect of those colors is discernable. While blue and pink calm us and sooth us, sometimes bright and loud colors irritate us. Thus colors have a strong influence on our nervous system. They also help us attain a natural balance by balancing our inner energies. Colortherapy is present in various other adjunct therapies like aromatherapy and gemstone therapy. Every color affects a specific chakra of the body and helps it attain balance which in turn helps us gain mental calmness.

Colors and related Chakras

(Read our articles on chakras for more information)


Unlike many other therapies for which one has to go to specialized centers to practice or follow them, colortherapy is something which can change your life while you work at office or eat at home. By paying just one visit to a certified colortherapy practitioner who can advise you to incorporate and omit certain colors from your life, you can  transform yourself and become a more well balanced individual and never be “green” with envy or “red” with anger!!


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Back Pain Blues: Get Rid of It

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Everything in life today seems so unchanging. The same sandwiches in the morning, the same cereal bowl, the same coffee and even the same radio jockeys on the stations while on your way to the office. Isn’t this monotony making our lives dull and boring? Well we are not asking you to leave your bread churning ways to become a wild spirit and go to sky diving or bungee jumping; but try and search for one important element in your life.

When we find our toasts a little chewy in the morning or the coffee at the work place rather insipid it is not the flavor that we crave for but a much more complex thing. BALANCE is what we are looking for. One of the most prominent places of our bodies today which lack that balance is our backs!! How many of you sleep with the final turning on the pillow accompanied with a painful “aah” or “ouch”? How many of you get up in the morning and bend to wash your face in the basin only to get back up with a crooked contortion of your lovely face? Today millions of people suffer from back pain. Unlike the yester years where back problems were generically associated to old age, today these issues are being seen in people as young as in their early twenties and even late teens!! So the bane of back pain does not knock at the doors of the old anymore.  The reasons for the same can be attributed to mainly two reasons namely the changes in lifestyle and increasing stress levels. The introduction of heavy weights in the life of the youngsters of today and the craze to have a ripped body is driving them insane. Lifting heavy weights without proper supervision, taking supplements to get quicker results is making them seem beautiful on the outside but very hollow from the inside. Also with so much pressure about getting into the right job to achieve goals which have been dumped onto them by their parents or peers students do not have the time to think about how to sit while studying or what to eat when. For middle aged people it is the same, unchanging routines and pressures about increasing fuel prices or the crashing stock markets which is affecting their backs. Well here are a few tips on how to keep your back healthy and strong.

: there is nothing that is quick and instant. So the following routine will need 15 minutes from your daily schedule. Ok remember it like this

15 minutes a day,

Keeps the Back pain away!

  1. Lie down flat facing downwards and keep your hands flat next to your rib cage. On the count of three inhale slowly and raise your chest and upper body. Hold this raised position for a few second and exhale and come down. Repeat in sets of 3 with 10-12 repetitions in every set.
  2. You can also try and life your chest and legs slightly at the same time. Stop when your back muscles send a shiver up your spine. Repeat in sets of 3 with 6-8 reps in each set.
  3. You can also lie down flat on the ground with your back and bum touching the ground. Raise your legs from your knees with your feet touching the ground. Twist this pyramid to one side of the body while trying to face the other side. This helps greatly to align the spins and avoid unnatural twisting.
  4. The same exercise can be repeated with one leg straightened out and the other led going over it.
  5. Avoid lifting heavy weights if absolutely unavoidable. Also whenever bending to do so, bend your knees to avoid any strain getting to your back.
  6. Take constant breaks while sitting in office or any other high stress environment.
  7. Go for regular checkups and other treatments like Chakra healing, acupuncture and yoga sessions for long lasting relief.
  8. In extreme cases homeopathy can also be a boon.


Nothing is more important than your back because it serves as the link between your upper body and lower body. So do not neglect your back, for it is very important to keep your backbone happy and stress free!!

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Which Animal are You

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When Charles Darwin compiled the first draft of his most famous work “on the origin of species” in which he shattered the long standing notion of considering humans as the ultimate species with a divine power looking after them by considering all animals as progenies of the same antecedents he did not know what storms it would stir up in the political, social and literary spheres all across the globe. By bringing humans down from the top of the hierarchy of creation to the center, with all other animal species he garnered a lot of caustic criticism.

But the association of humans and animals is not a modern or post modern concept. Rather, the edifice of this relationship is an antiquarian concept. The Chinese followed and still continue to do so, a lunar calendar which is believed to have first surfaced in 2600. Just like the western calendar this lunar calendar too was a yearly one. Since it was based on the cycles of the moon, the date of the New Year shifted between January and mid February. This calendar consisting of a complete cycle of 60 years, divided into 5 cycles of 12 years each, consigns a particular animal to every year. According to this calendar an animal dominates the people born in its year. The people born in that year carry certain attributes physically, mentally and socially that are instilled in the ruling animal. To find out which animal rules you, read on the following list:

Having figured out the animal year, it is time for you to understand your dominant animal characteristics.


RAT:  People born in the year of the rat, possess excellent adaptability and just like the Rat they can live in the toughest conditions and face adverse conditions with great flexibility. These people are adept at handling sticky situations very diplomatically.

OX:  Ox represents a very important part of the Chinese culture; the most important animal for a country with a long standing history of farming. So, the people born in the year of the ox are patient and loyal just like the Ox to the farm worker. Most importantly these people are patient and steady, and cannot be fooled into things but impulsiveness.

TIGER: Solitary like the Tiger, these people are very progressive and outgoing in their own way. These people are centers of positive energy. They are individuals who possess the right balance between Grace and Fury.

RABBIT: Just like the animal itself, the people dominated by the rabbit are progressive and guided my speed. They are impulsive but not in the wrong sense. These people are decisive and possess good motor skills.

DRAGON: people born in the year of the dragon are strong headed individuals who can sometimes turn towards arrogance. They are dependable, strong and motivated my aspiration.

 SNAKE: swift, calculative and logical, people dominated by the snake possess grace and do not like to be controlled. They are very aware of the people around them and cannot be fooled easily as they are very sensitive to changes around them

HORSE: guided by a strong will and untiring spirit the people dominated by the horse are loyal and dependable. But just like the strut of the horse, they can be inconsistent too.

GOAT: Sentimental and bighearted are the people dominated by the goat. The goat which symbolizes domesticity gives the people a very warm and family oriented nature. Such people are motivated by liveliness and loyalty.

 MONKEY: people born in the year of the monkey are lively and quirky. Most importantly they are creative and have the ability to think rationally and sequence things logically without being blinded by raw emotions.

ROOSTER: unpredictable, the people of the rooster year are resolute and sometimes dogmatic. These people are guided by a free spirit that sometimes makes them seem rather inflexible.

DOG: The easiest to explain the dog is a symbol of loyalty, playfulness and dependability. People born in the year of the dog are trustworthy and calm. But they can be overcome by anxiety which can hurt them mentally. These people are great teachers and business people.

 PIG: Last but not the least, people born in the years of the pig, are shy and dedicated. They are the ones who follow their targets with undying persistence. Just like the animal, people dominated by the pig are always hungry for knowledge, success and food of course!!

Well now that our readers know of the animal in them, they would love to discover these traits in them and bring out the best of themselves in their personal and professional lives. So, do not mind somebody calling you a Tiny Rat or a recalcitrant OX. Just be happy to take the goodness of all the animals in the world.

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Sleep and Dream to remain happy

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Where in the world does Michael Jackson still do his moonwalk and thrusts his pelvis with his famous “oow” move? In a young dancer’s dreams. Where does jimmy Hendrix still play his famous “voodoo child”? In a young rockstar’s dream. Who says time machines do not exist? They very well do; in our minds. Haven’t we all at some point of time in our lives experienced going back in time to experience something extraordinary? Haven’t we also experienced seeing something in our dreams months back and reliving it on the present day? Something we call “déjà u”. Well in that case our dreams are keys to unlock the past and access the future.


It is rather exasperating to have people around you asking you to sleep and dream to remain fit rather than asking you to remain proactive to keep yourself healthy. Yes!! We know it. We want our readers to understand the true meaning of fitness. At Comfortinstyle magazine we believe that fitness is not just a destination where one can stop after reaching. It is perhaps a process, which is governed by relationships. Relationships with the outside world and the inner world. The outer relationships that we foster during this journey of fitness can be seen when we hit the gym or do yoga with friends. But to have healthy relationships with people around us we have to be calm and composed from within. Even Yoga is first an internal process and then a fitness regimen. (Read our articles from the “understanding yoga” series). This is exactly why we are stressing on the importance of sleeping and dreaming. We do not want you to become lazy but understand that sleeping and dreaming is not as hollow as we have been made to see. Dreams, give us the license to go into the unknown and enjoy the possibilities of the impossible. But talking empirically dreams and sleep have the following effects on our system:

  1. Sleeping is a process that helps one to absorb the happenings of the day into our system for a longer period. For example: try and learn a couple of lines by speaking them out loud many times and then sleep. After you get up you will be able to speak them straight out.
  2. Dreaming unlocks certain parts of our brain making us smarter and sharper. Dreaming helps us get access to the subconscious minds where many secrets and answers to many problems lie hidden.
  3. It is believed that people who have more vivid dreams are the ones who are more outgoing and socially productive.
  4. Most importantly dreaming helps you become a more confidant person. It is not only the sweet dream that help us become happier individuals but the nightmares about falling off a building or being kidnapped that help us gain control of our fears thus helping us become more assertive and decisive.
  5. Sleeping and dreaming can help you get out of depression as many of must have experienced that we see happy and cheerful dreams when we are in our saddest moods.
  6. Sleeping is not a state of intoxication. It is as responsive as our active state. But it is just that we are unable to see that response. Sleeping is the time when the body channelizes its energies to the mind and our immune system helping us grow mentally and physically too. Shockingly, kids can grow a few millimeters during their sleep.

Sleeping and dreaming, which have always been considered the favorite hobbies of the idlers, are not the same anymore. The role of great importance has been proven many times. Therefore, when next time your mother comes up to you and asks you to get up, while you feel warm in that snug quilt, give her this article to read and we guarantee that instead of asking you to get out of your bed, she would prefer to cuddle up too.


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Understanding Yoga: Part 2

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Imagine you get up one morning; go to the kitchen and find no water; step outside for your morning walk and do not feel the cool breeze easing you of the burning sun; and when you finally come back home to cook something you find that there is no fire. Scary isn’t it?

Now most of you must be thinking that why did we talk about water fire and wind. Well that is because Yoga is not just an isolated entity which can come of great use without deep understanding the other pieces of the vast jigsaw puzzle.


After glancing through the basic historical context of Yoga in our previous article “Understanding yoga: Part 1” where we gave our readers a gist of the ancient texts -Sanskrit. Now it is the time to shift our attention to the second set of pointers to focus on. Imagine this set of articles as a tree, the first one being the understanding of the roots. We are gradually moving up towards the trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Keeping this analogy in mind Yoga assumes the role of the fruit which ripens if the tree is healthy.


So to begin, it becomes very critical to understand the 4 basic elements that yoga and the entire process of union is loosely arrayed around. According to Hindu mythology and its texts, the dynamics of the earth, humans and in fact the entire universe are controlled by 4 basic elements of nature namely:

*before you begin reading the list of elements we request you to try and remember the terms in their original language for better understanding. (p.s.: it is always fun to show off a couple of words from an ancient language)

  1.  1. Vaayu (air): this element is generally associated with motion and dynamics. The gusts of wind help us cool down but more importantly we live because air gives us the most important aspect of our existence i.e. oxygen. The masters believed that air and wind controlled and influenced the movements of our body. From the movement of the diaphragm to the twitching of the muscles everything is said to be controlled by “ Vaayu”
  2.  2. Agni (fire): now, as an element we associate fire with destruction but forget to understand that fire is the source of all life. The sun keeps us warm, our body functions at a specific temperature. Even in destruction, there is a hidden aspect of construction or rather creation. The best example is the forest fire which burns the forest only to pave way for new life that hibernates below the surface. Heat is essential for all bodily functions from digestion to excretion
  3. Jal (water): needless to say one can survive without food for 3 weeks but without water one cannot last for more than three days. If you wish to know more about the magic of water you can read our article on the same titled “Simply water”. For the record our body is 70% water.
  4. Prithvi (earth): all the matter in this world is constituted from this element called earth. Modern science believes that everything in this world is made up of carbon. Ancient gurus just had a different name. We arise from this earth and end up in it too. Our hair, skin and nails are all composed of this element.

These were the 4 basic elements that the entire world is centered around but there is another element which is generally not mentioned while discussing the aforementioned components as it is not as tangible as the others. Space is the supreme part as all the above mentioned elements come together to find union in space.

Keep in mind, that yoga cannot be fully understood with a petty and typical “weight loss” or “I want to remain fit” motive. The process of exploration includes many stages, one of which is the comprehension of all important parts. The ancient masters believed that the elements discussed in the article are not just around but inside of us and understanding our relationship with the outer world was not as important as understanding our relationship with ourselves. In the coming articles we will give you secret one line mantras to explore the sweetest part of Yoga.  Come back for more!


Read “Understanding Yoga: Part 1

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Simply Water

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A man trapped in the Amazon basin for close to a month when interviewed after his magical escape from the unforgiving forest was asked to disclose his secret skills that made him hold on to dear life answered “I just followed Water”. Now this statement mite just sound plain and simple on the surface but carries a deep deep meaning when stripped to its bare bones. If there one element that has remained man’s best friend it is water. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine a day without water and its derivatives. From being the most widely present element inside us to the most helpful outside water is present in our heart, brain, skin, air and food. Without water life would JUST STOP!!

If one picks up a map of the ancient world, it would not be hard to decipher that all the greatest civilizations were arrayed around large rivers or oceans. From Cleopatra’s Egypt stationed near the Tiber to the great Indus valley civilization moored near theIndusRiver. Rivers and River Goddesses have played and still continue to play key roles in mythological stories of many countries. The practice of projecting the ashes of the dead in the river Ganges by the Hindus is a befitting example of the importance that water assumes in our lives. Hindus consider the Ganges or Ganga Maa (motherGanges) to be a route to heaven. The most beautiful aspect to absorb here is that we as humans have evolved but what has remained constant throughout this journey is water. Our foods have changed their tastes and flavours to suit our palates but water still continues to be the same to a western or eastern palate; it still continues to give the same amount of pleasure when coming out of a hose pipe to an American kid as to a Chinese. Countries likeAfricatoday value water more than any other resource because it takes a dry throat to realize the importance of water.

It becomes rather important now to shift to the more immediate uses and benefits of water. Detailed studies suggest that a human can survive without food for three weeks but without water life cannot sustain itself for more than three days. Coming straight to the point rather spiraling around the main objective following are the benefits of water, and trust us once u read them, water will taste tastier, feel better and become a living entity; here they go:

  1. Skin: water is the best toner for your skin. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help reduce pigmentation and give your skin a glow that even the most expensive treatments cant. Also taking in some steam can really help unclog pores and rid your skin of all impurities.
  2. Metabolism: Water works its magic on your digestive system. By increasing our metabolism rate it helps us get rid of constipations and other digestive problems
  3. Hangover buster: one can avoid an early morning hangover by drinking lots of water. It also prevents headaches due to dehydration that can be ascribed to alcohol consumption.
  4. Muscle friendly: water is the best solution for avoiding cramps due to dehydration. Drinking small amount of water at regular intervals during a workout increases stamina and boosts performance.
  5. Negative calorie food: water which does not contain any calories actually uses some calories from the body to get absorbed thus causing a net calorie reduction from the body resulting in weight loss
  6. Just like air: the chemical composition of water is H 2 0, which means that it contains 2 atoms of hydrogen and a single one of oxygen. Therefore, water provides us with oxygen making it very similar to the air.

Now that you know that water helps us in so many ways, it could trigger a water drinking spree in your house, but keep in mind that drinking too much water can have many repercussions as well. Water intoxication which is very similar to alcohol intoxication is caused when the sodium levels of the body change rapidly due to excessive consumption of water. This can result in the cells of the nervous system to malfunction and make us feel inebriated.

Water by far remains the most important resource that nature has arrayed around us to help us live and prosper. Do not wait for any infection or disease make you realize the importance of the colorless liquid. It’s too steep a price to pay!! So get your hands on a water bottle, open the cap and enjoy the “Drops of life” called H20!!!

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Guest Article by: ROHINI CHAUHAN


Do we ever stop and smell the flowers? In the hum-drum of our daily lives, do we ever stop and wonder? Do we slow down to think about people who might have helped us in some small way during the day? Do we ever stop to say ‘Thank You’? Or have our lives become so mechanical that all the above mentioned thoughts do not have a place in our life… is a race and all we want to do is run!!

A medical check-up of my father landed the family in the hospital for some heart investigations. At such times, we stop running, our life pauses and all of a sudden our priorities change…..I’m sure most of us have experienced this at one time or the other, so it’ll be easy to relate to what I’m trying to convey here…..and that is that in the middle of all this anxiety and tension, there are people who are there who help us through this, with a smile on their face and a reassurance on their lips…..and they never even cross our minds even once!!

I am referring to the hundreds of people that are involved at every stage in any hospital, starting right from the person who greets you at the door of the hospital to the last person who sees you out and all those in-between…..each and every one of them are worth saluting to, not only for saving peoples’ lives and “doing their job”, but for doing so with dedication and sometimes even going that extra step forward.

When I reflect back on this experience now and so many more that me and my family have gone through, I want to thank each and every one of such people for “doing their jobs”…..the doctors who have a God-like status in your life at such moments; the guard who calls out your name to visit your kin in the recovery room after the procedure is over with such kindness in his eyes, as if he can sense the stress and anxiety you are undergoing at that point; the nursing staff who are ready to help you with such compassion and a big smile on their face that it makes you wonder where they get their strength and dedication to serve patients from; the food and beverage department staff who are willing to wait to reheat the patients’ food for the umpteenth time even after the allocated meal time is over in case the patient is not hungry; the admissions office staff, the counselors, the guards…..the list just doesn’t end!!

They are all ‘life-savers’ in their own way. They assist you at each and every step happily and add to your entire experience at such troubled times. How many of us have actually reflected on all what these people have done for us after we come back home, have appreciated their efforts, thanked them… many? Most of us are just grateful to the doctor who is the “real” life-saver for us, but today, when we are back home with my father all confident and ready to embrace life, I am remembering each and every person who I interacted with, all those who for me are the unseen heroes, and I thank them with all my heart for leaving an impression in my mind and heart…..that of their sense of duty that is blanketed under their actions of kindness, compassion and understanding.

Till now, I could never thank the doctors who have saved me and my family from some tough times enough. Nobody can even estimate the deep sense of admiration and respect that I have and will always have for them in my life…..But today, I also salute all the people of the “hospital”-ity industry who work towards saving lives, each day in their each little small way…..

Pause, Think and Express is all I would like to convey to you…..

It’ll just be a small act of humanity on our part.


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CHAKRAS: Energy centers of your body

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Italy did not only give the world pastas and pizzas. It was home to one of the most underrated yet important scientist in the world. Luigi Galvani may not be as popular as others in the established cannon of science but is no way less important. He discovered one of the most rudimentary forms of forces governing the system of every living being on the face of the earth. He observed that the legs of the dead frog twitched when a jolt of electricity passed through them establishing the importance of electricity in the biological world.

Today we all know that our brain sends signals all across our bodies helping to keep things running smoothly. Everything is governed in this world by active, passive or incipient energy.  From a dormant seed lying buried in its wintry bed that later becomes a towering spectacle to the severed tail of a lizard that flickers even after separation everything in this world possesses energy. The best example of a receptacle of various forms of energies is the Human body. We possess different forms of energies stored at different places in our bodies. The Indian Vedas (a set of 4 books dealing with everything human, from music to breathing to even effectively invoking and appeasing gods) term these energy centers as “CHAKRAS”. For those who do not understand the language of the Vedas, Chakras in the easiest terms could refer to the Channels or centers through which energy is dissipated and absorbed in our bodies. Every chakra is very critically positioned as it handles a set of extremely important functions in the body. Following is a list of Chakras in the body from bottom to top:


Muladhara — Base or Root Chakra (last bone in spinal cord)
Swadhisthana — Sacral Chakra (ovaries/prostate)
Manipura — Solar Plexus Chakra (navel area)
Anahata — Heart Chakra (heart area)
Vishuddha — Throat Chakra (throat and neck area)
Ajna — Brow or Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland or third eye)
Sahasrara — Crown Chakra (Top of the head; ‘Soft spot’ of a newborn)



On one hand conventional science does not consider these chakras as a part of its empirical framework and on the other doesn’t define the force that guides our emotional and spiritual sides into the world of stress and serenity. All the chakras are represented by a lotus flower with increasing number of petals in ascending order signifying the frequency at which the respective chakra functions. Hinduism’s deep rooted faith in yoga and its adjunct practices lead to the development of a theory that postulates that the human body is a microcosm of the universe and possesses two forms of energies namely Shiva i.e. the masculine and Shakti i.e. the feminine lying dormant at two different centers of the body. The ultimate goal of all Hindus is to attain or rather try and attain a unity or harmony between the two aforementioned energies. Therefore many yogic practices try and unlock the potential energy in the Shakti or “Kundalini” which lies in the last bone of the spine to move up across all the Chakras creating harmony on its way to achieving complete oneness and harmony with Shiva. The Chakras are a very sensitive and can lose balance at the least amount of stress that one endures. With modern day lifestyles wreaking havoc on our lives we seem to have no time to keep ourselves stress free. It is not possible to find solace either mentally or physically. What therefore becomes important to understand is that every Chakra works at a certain frequency or vibration rate. All clogged Chakras can be restores to full working potential by being a little vigilant. Following are some ways to open up blocked chakras thus promoting free flow of good energy in ones body:





1. Controlled breathing

2. Color therapy

3. Yoga

4. Reiki

5. Music therapy (read our article “The magic of Music“)

6. Aromatherapy

7. Reflexology 

It has been seen that many forms of alternative therapies have yielded astonishing results and have done what science considered unbelievable till now. In an age where we have the time to unclog our skin pores it would not be bad to try and open the clogged energy centers of the body in search for health and happiness.

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