The Power of ‘OM’: A Scared Word, Symbol and Sound

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The symbolism, meaning and power  of the Sacred Word”Om”/ “Aum”

OmDid you know that the mono-syllable “OM” or “AUM” is regarded the sound of God and the basis of all other sounds. This mystical and sacred Hindu word “Om” is the highest mantra (chant) symbolizing the vibration of the Supreme and of divine energy (Shakti). It is believed that the whole universe, in its fundamental form is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy and  “Om” is considered the humming sound of this cosmic energy. It means oneness and a merging of our physical body with our spiritual being. The great Hindu sage Patanjali once said: “He who knows “Om” knows God.”

“Om” and Yoga have a long standing history. As we saw in the ‘Types of Yoga‘, Yoga is more than just a physical practice as believed in West. It’s a special connection between your body and spiritual self. So how does “Om” relate to Yoga?

“Om” or “Aum” is a way of deepening the concentration of the mind during Yoga. The sound of ”Om” is also called Pranava, runs through Prana or breath and as we know breathing is a very important part of practicing yoga. Most yoga sessions begin with the chanting of “Om” and end with it too. It is said to drive a way distractions while infusing new vigour in the body. Like a powerful tonic, ”Om” is the mood lifter and the energizing sound that replaces negative energy with fresh life bringing force.Om T-shirt

“Om” is associated with the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) which connects to the central nervous systems as well as with the Third Eye Chakra which is the seam of wisdom, intuition and psychic power. While meditating chanting ”Om” creates a powerful focus on its sound and feeling of all-knowing, infinite and pure at heart. Scientifically, a daily dose of ”Om” and calming yoga can significantly improve your health (see how in- 7 Steps to Healthier Living).

It is widely believed that where a symbol of  the Universe is present its related energy is also present. So by wearing “Om” symbol or “Omkar” as it’s called on T-shirts or in other forms you’re opening up to God’s energy. While no symbol can really bring you good luck, wealth or power, its presence can influence your thoughts and therefore actions.

The real understanding of the sacred word, symbol and sound ”Om” or “Aum” can only be felt by hearing it internally and then becoming one with it in all creation. Such is the Power of “Om”.

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