Pisces Princess

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HAPPY Birthday to our very special and talented writer – Jaclyn!!! We all hope she will continue to share her talents with the whole wide world! Best wishes from ComfortinStylemag!!!!






By Jaclyn Ianetti

With finlike fingers….feel each ocean wave’s ripple

I may not have legs…but don’t call me crippled


Ride the tides; flowing flaps of my fin

Dive deep down to the depths of my emotional bin


And just as the hidden realms found deep in the ocean,

My energy overflows with mystery and emotions


My Water World; A healing domain to cure and heal

In a mermaid’s pose on the shore I kneel


…and just like a mermaid…sea colors and shells are my fashion

A dreamy damsel dressed in hope, soul, and compassion


A fish pulled from its watery home onto dry ground

Is a fish out of water…in an aquarium silent of sound. 


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Photo credits : to  Cupcake Sisters (Senel) on Flickr

to Sternzeichen Widder on http://www.hpkolb-gallery.de

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