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Our eyes see red and our feet hit the brakes; our eyes see green we say “oh! This is vegetarian, good to eat”. Everything around us color coded. Colors have become so important that they are important symbols of cultural and social machinery. For every person each color has its own significance; for an American child sitting in his bedroom red may be the color of his favorite toy but for an African kid caught raging civil storms red may be the color of blood. It is thus very important to understand the significance of colors and their effect on us.

The history of colors, as funny as it sounds, predates human history. Plants around us were always green, branches were brown; nature unlike our recent visual inventions like the colored TV, has always been colorful. Despite trying to break the mysterious color codes we are unable to replicate the color schemes of nature. The beautiful hint of green on a pigeon’s neck is befitting example of what a great artist nature is and always will be. But with our insatiable thirst for newer and better discoveries, we have been able to harvest the true potential of colors by developing something called COLOURTHERAPY. For those who are unaware of this interesting sounding therapy, Colourtherapy is an adjunct therapy that has today, become an industry in itself. It involves the process of exposing the body to light rays of different colors to help address various physical, mental and spiritual problems. But before going into the details it is imperative to enumerate certain key facts about colors and light.

  1. THE SPECTRUM: The white light as we see it is composed of 7 colors which together constitute the spectrum.
  2. VIBGYOR: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red; do not need to say more.
  3. REFLECTION AND ABSORPTION: the objects that we see around ourselves are so colored because they reflect that particular color from the spectrum and the rest are absorbed by it.
  4. VIBRATION: every color has a wavelength in the spectrum at which it vibrates, thus participating with different functions of the body and mind.

Well now that we know the rudimentary laws of composition and dynamics of colors, it will become very easy to understand Colortherapy. When the body is exposed to a beam of light, every color vibrating at different rates called wavelengths is absorbed physically by different parts of the body. The effect of those colors is discernable. While blue and pink calm us and sooth us, sometimes bright and loud colors irritate us. Thus colors have a strong influence on our nervous system. They also help us attain a natural balance by balancing our inner energies. Colortherapy is present in various other adjunct therapies like aromatherapy and gemstone therapy. Every color affects a specific chakra of the body and helps it attain balance which in turn helps us gain mental calmness.

Colors and related Chakras

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Unlike many other therapies for which one has to go to specialized centers to practice or follow them, colortherapy is something which can change your life while you work at office or eat at home. By paying just one visit to a certified colortherapy practitioner who can advise you to incorporate and omit certain colors from your life, you can  transform yourself and become a more well balanced individual and never be “green” with envy or “red” with anger!!


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