This Summer, Let Your Fabric Breathe

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Summer 2010 Fabric Trends: Natural Fabrics Take The Forefront

With temperatures and hemlines raising fast with the approaching summer, another aspect of fashion you need to consider is fabric choice. Here’s a look at the top fabrics for this season-

Natural Fabrics – Cotton, Linen and Silk
Cool summery natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk lend that fresh feel on those hot days will be in the forefront this season. Linen, often misunderstood cos of it’s label as a bedding and furnishing material, is on of the most sophisticated and durable clothing fabric out there. Whether worn casually in the form of a white linen dress or linen shorts or formally like a well cut suit, linen possess an “exclusive look” other materials cannot deliver. This natural moisture-licking fabric is a must have in your wardrobe this summer.

Natural Fabrics - Linen

For your comfort clothing of the season, there no other way to go but cotton! This cool, soft and breathable fabric does have a tendency to wrinkle a bit, but don’t let that stop you. Available in different blends that do not need to be ironed the cotton will ultimately keep you cool.

Shiny and Rich – Chiffon and Satins
Along with the au natural fabrics this Spring Summer will be feminine, soft, fluid and slippery. Shiny and rich materials like chiffon, satins, taffeta and silks are will make a feature in the more trendy evening wear lending a chic and sophisticated feel to the night.Chiffon brings to the table a flowy feminine look to dresses and tunic tops.

Shiny and Rich- Chiffon, Satin

Silk that oozes sensuality and elegance for a number of reasons is triumphant this season. Silk absorbs moisture, which makes it a versatile fabric wearable in both summers and winters. Matched with the color of the year, a sizzling yellow called Mimosa, according to the Pantone Institute is just hot hot hot!

Sheers and Lace
Sheer and light fabrics along with lace aptly suitable to beat the summer heat are the new trend for the season. Elegance is the key to wearing the sheer fashion trend this year.

Sheers and Lace

Laces is used layered over shiny fabrics in some contrasting colors is all the talk of the runway shows of hottest designers in their Spring/Summer collections.

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The Hottest Fashion Color Trends of Spring/Summer 2010

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We’ve already seen the Fashion Trends and styles that you will want to get you hands on this summer, but what colors will brighten these looks? We’ve got the hottest hues that will make a splash in the Spring and Summer of 2010 right here!

As we’ve seen in previous posts (Read: All About Colors And What They Say About You), colors are a huge part of our everyday life in almost everything we do and have a profound and undeniable impact on our lives. They reflect  our mood and evoke different feelings. They say a lot about our personalities. Cheery colors like bright yellow reflect optimism and joyfulness, icy blues associated with water evoke a refreshing cool feel even if the weather is hot and orange represents energy & warmth but also shows playfulness.

Take a look at the latest information on Colors of the Season:

BOLD Yellow
Yes, the color of Sunshine, Sunflowers and Summer this year is non other than Yellow. This bold shade has recently been in the limelight as a popular red carpet choice of young celebrities. The lovely sunny spring weather calls for a splash of the vibrant lemony yellow on dresses, jackets and skirts.

Spring Summer Color Trends- Yellow

Bleached Neutrals
As temperatures are on the rise sun-bleached shades like corals, champagne, tuscany and most commonly nude are creating a delicate palette to beat the heat. These bleached pastels provide the much needed soothing tones and are perfect for intimates, loungewear, fitness wear such as yoga, as well as for glamorous evening wear as seen across runways and red carpet events.

Spring Summer Color Trends- Bleached Neutrals

Icy Blues
Summer conjures up images of the ocean and it’s tropical turquoise color. Shades of blue with that icy cool feel will be very appealing these summery days as they evoke a feeling of escape.

Spring Summer Color Trends- Icy Blues

Dry Earth
With nature and the environment under the spotlight, eco-friendly Earthy tones ranging from dark humus to dark bark, stone beige to puddle browns. You’ll see these shades teamed with a lot of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk.

Spring Summer Color Trends- Earthy Tones

Effervescent Brights
Bold, bright and daring best describes these shades that’ll complete the perfect summer look. Colors like candy orange, magenta, electric blue, eye-popping purple are up-beat tropical all the way. Bright colored dresses, accent pieces and accessories are Red Hot this season!

Spring Summer Color Trends- Bold colors

The classic summer color or non-color is back! Short flirty dresses in white are chic, fashionable and bound to keep you cool this as the temperature rises.

white dresses

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Spring 2010 Color and fabric forecast retrieved from
PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2010:

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring/ Summer 2010

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From boy shorts to sporty sportswear, midriff bearing cropped tops to sheer fabrics, peek-a-boo pieces and feminine detailing we’ve got the scoop on what you should be wearing this 2010 Spring/Summer season!Slouchy pants

10. The Slouchy Pant
We’ve all seen and made the most of the skinny pants and pencil jeans these past few seasons and while they’re not going out of style anytime soon, the slouchy pant is the new in thing. This equestrian inspired look it very wearable for most body types. Also called the harem look or Jodhpur pants, the slouchy pants have been spotted on the runway from designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

9. Boyfriend Blazer & Vests
While a great blazer in a woman’s closet is a must-have staple we feel the boyfriend blazer adds a new sophistication to a trend that has almost reached commonality. This blazer meant to be a size too big adds just the touch you needs to make it look borrowed, yet perfect for the complete layered look. Vest’s too worn open and oversized to a more tailored and fitted option are the choice to make this season. No cardigans please!

Boy Shorts8. Shorter Shorts
With temperatures rising and global warming news making waves, hemlines of already short shorts just went up to almost briefs status. Hot pants, boy shorts, tap pants, high-cuts in cotton, jersey, seersucker, denim, sequins and t-shirt material will be well loved this season. However, this look is intended to highlight and reveal a perfectly toned derriere and model long legs so may not be suitable for all.

7. Sportswear
Sportswear will take on a whole new level of cool when it hits trend status in 2010. We’re not talking active wear as workout apparel, but making fitness clothing- fashionable streetwear! The oh so active look is cool, sporty and chic with a touch of tomboy. Clothing inspired by sports like football, tennis, baseball and even yoga are youthful and have attitude.

6. Cropped Tees
Continuing the sportswear as streetwear and boyfriend trends is the midriff bearing cropped tee look. Pushing the envelope of the borrowed look are a new alternative to cover ups while exposing some well chiseled abs. Teamed with high-waist shorts or pants, they’re complement the female body and still add a tomboy feel.

Cropped tops

5. HoodsHoodie- Hooded Jackets
Yet another sports inspired trend are the ever popular hoodies. Seen on one piece jumpsuits and playsuits across runways, the simple zip up hoodie in bold colors and simple cotton jersey fabrics will be what you should be sweating it out in.

4. Prints & Patterns
Graphic prints that looked brushed on, splatter prints both bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated teamed with a solid block color are all the rage. Practically every designer participated in the print and pattern party from Luca Luca and Michael Kors to BCBG Max Azria and Carolina Herrera. Seen on day dresses to evening gowns, pants to flowy tops. While not everyone was blessed with the mix-and-matching gene this season you can just pick up some oh-so-perfectly paired prints just off the racks.

3. Sheers
The perfect weather for some of those extra revealing trends. If you have the desire to show a little off, then sheer fabrics are the way to go. This trend can easily go terribly wrong from sensual to sex-kitten, if not pulled off right. What you want to look for when buying sheer fabrics is a mixture of the soft and feminine without being too revealing. Sheer necklines or delicate, feminine draped skirts is the safest bet with this trend.

2. Cut Outs
Want to take it one notch up?Then chose to use cut-outs, slits and more to give a sexy little peek at the some exposed skin with this trend. Cut-outs on the backs of dresses was big in the spring summer collections on the runway. Even slashed denims right down to the shredded jeans are hitting the streets all over again making the peek-a-boo factor huge this coming summer.

Fashion Trend- cutout dresses

1. Feminine Details
Over-the-top ruffles and tiers, flouncy blouses, Grecian drapery and girlish design details are key this season. Designers used them everywhere – on tops, skirts and pretty layered dresses and we think they are a MUST come Spring 2010.

Fashion trends- Feminine details

Spring 2010 Color and fabric forecast retrieved from

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