Get Your First Look At Spring 2011′s Fashion Color Trends

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Spring-2011: The Colors that made a statement on the Runways and into your wardrobes!

Let’s face it, Colors set the tone and rule the mood of the seasons and our wardrobes! It’s that all important factor that can influence our attitude and persona through our clothing and style, not to mention the healing properties of colors and their use in color healing. Even though we’ve still got a drabby winter to go,  we’re showing you the light at the end of the tunnel with this sneak preview into the colors you might be seeing a lot of in the Spring of 2011.

The forecast of the color trends for the new year reveals a sobriety in most of the shades the season, unlike previous the brighter and bolder color trends of Spring/Summer 2010. There are however a few splashes of intense shades livening up the sombre palette, like passionate pinks and the loud orange. We’ve complied a full spectrum of colors for Spring/Summer 2011 according to what all the fashion color experts in the business are saying. Sit back and envision your wardrobe for next year….

A color scheme that comes as no surprise as it brings with it fond memories of a sun, sand and beach with its aqua tones. The nautical shades bring with it an optimism of new beginnings. Worn in the form of sheers and light airy fabrics this trend is going to bring let the light breeze into your life.  In color healing, blue is believed to have healing properties include cooling of inflammations, fever, anti-stress and more; Read more about the healing properties of this color and what it says about you here.

Passionate Pinks
From rich Bordeaux, fuchsias, poinsettia to the lightest pinks, these shades full of passion will be in season come Spring. Paired with neutral and beige overtones these popping colors will brighten up those days with a flirty feminine flare! Pinks that are a hue from red brings it’s wearer warmth, high energy, vitality, power and stimulation. Read more about the healing properties of this color and what it says about you here.

Subtle and elegant shades influenced by nature, purity and simplicity are the colors of this direction coined ‘Divinity’ by some. The subdued colors actually come across luxuriant, classy with a natural feel when teamed with lush fabrics. They radiate a glowing appearance meant to match with a radiant Summer tan. These earthy shades are also what keep us rooted to the ground and can be used to stimulate a basic sense of security and stability. Read more about the healing properties of these colors and what they say about you here.

Loud Orange
Neiman Marcus proclaims its “orange coral”; we call it - Loud, Bold and Out There! The Must have color this season, no wardrobe with be complete without it. Orange is not a color most women gravitate towards wearing but this shade is like no other and you won’t be saying no! Mark my words you’ll see it disappearing off the racks faster than you can blink. Another plus to this bright hue is that it’s an energy color, bearing a lot of healing properties. Click here to read more about it’s properties and the statement it makes about you!

Not only will you be in style with these colors in your closet, but you’ll also benefit from the healing properties they’ll bring in your life. To learn more about Colors and their healing touch, read our past posts on the subject:

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