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Guest Article by: ROHINI CHAUHAN


Do we ever stop and smell the flowers? In the hum-drum of our daily lives, do we ever stop and wonder? Do we slow down to think about people who might have helped us in some small way during the day? Do we ever stop to say ‘Thank You’? Or have our lives become so mechanical that all the above mentioned thoughts do not have a place in our life… is a race and all we want to do is run!!

A medical check-up of my father landed the family in the hospital for some heart investigations. At such times, we stop running, our life pauses and all of a sudden our priorities change…..I’m sure most of us have experienced this at one time or the other, so it’ll be easy to relate to what I’m trying to convey here…..and that is that in the middle of all this anxiety and tension, there are people who are there who help us through this, with a smile on their face and a reassurance on their lips…..and they never even cross our minds even once!!

I am referring to the hundreds of people that are involved at every stage in any hospital, starting right from the person who greets you at the door of the hospital to the last person who sees you out and all those in-between…..each and every one of them are worth saluting to, not only for saving peoples’ lives and “doing their job”, but for doing so with dedication and sometimes even going that extra step forward.

When I reflect back on this experience now and so many more that me and my family have gone through, I want to thank each and every one of such people for “doing their jobs”…..the doctors who have a God-like status in your life at such moments; the guard who calls out your name to visit your kin in the recovery room after the procedure is over with such kindness in his eyes, as if he can sense the stress and anxiety you are undergoing at that point; the nursing staff who are ready to help you with such compassion and a big smile on their face that it makes you wonder where they get their strength and dedication to serve patients from; the food and beverage department staff who are willing to wait to reheat the patients’ food for the umpteenth time even after the allocated meal time is over in case the patient is not hungry; the admissions office staff, the counselors, the guards…..the list just doesn’t end!!

They are all ‘life-savers’ in their own way. They assist you at each and every step happily and add to your entire experience at such troubled times. How many of us have actually reflected on all what these people have done for us after we come back home, have appreciated their efforts, thanked them… many? Most of us are just grateful to the doctor who is the “real” life-saver for us, but today, when we are back home with my father all confident and ready to embrace life, I am remembering each and every person who I interacted with, all those who for me are the unseen heroes, and I thank them with all my heart for leaving an impression in my mind and heart…..that of their sense of duty that is blanketed under their actions of kindness, compassion and understanding.

Till now, I could never thank the doctors who have saved me and my family from some tough times enough. Nobody can even estimate the deep sense of admiration and respect that I have and will always have for them in my life…..But today, I also salute all the people of the “hospital”-ity industry who work towards saving lives, each day in their each little small way…..

Pause, Think and Express is all I would like to convey to you…..

It’ll just be a small act of humanity on our part.


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