Yoga: A Route To Health & Vitality

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Yoga definitely can help you to find your own route to health and vitality. The well-being which you get from the practice of yoga, not only  has physical benefits, but also affects your spiritual and emotional aspects.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Today many of us accept yoga as an alternative medicine. But yoga is not a used as a substitute for medical care. Although, it can be of great assistance in the treatment of many conditions,  it is better to consider yoga as a kind of preventive medicine rather than a treatment.

There are numerous health benefits you can get from practicing yoga as we’ve previously seen in our posts such as Nourishing Yoga: Body, Mind and Spirit. Besides the well known effect of boosting the immune system, yoga has proved to provide better concentration, co-ordination and sleep, to lower blood pressure and control cholesterol, improve flexibility and the digestive system. Compared to other forms of exercise, while practicing yoga asanas all the joints of body are used to a full extent and kept mobile, and yoga poses have a tremendous effect on abdominal organs and thoracic organs.

There is also evidences that yoga helps to treat medical conditions like allergies and skin problems, menopause, menstrual cramps, heart problems,  slip disc, knee and hip problems, hypertension, acidity, anemia, depression, obesity, insomnia, Alzheimer disease to name a few.

To be more specific-

  • Benefits of YogaSeated postures are used to treat constipation, diabetes, arthritis, and genital diseases.
  • Standing poses are beneficial for improving your posture, strengthening your muscles and opening the hips.
  • Balancing poses are great for improving balance and strengthen specific body parts, for example shoulders and back.
  • Back bends which shouldn’t be done unsupervised, helps people with back problems, pain or injury, improves spinal flexibility and strengthens the back. It also benefits the abdominal organs, energizes the heart and soul by opening the chest.
  • Inverted yoga poses are beneficial for women to normalize their menstruation cycles as corrects the displacement of the fallopian tubes or uterus if any. It also rejuvenates pituitary and thyroid glands and stimulates the nervous centers of your brain. Inverted poses can proven an effective tool in preventing as well as treating varicose veins.
  • Forward bends keep your spine strong, release tension and soothe the nervous system.
  • Finally, relaxation and restorative poses are also useful when you are sick, stressed or recovering from childbirth.

Some people say they feel worse for up to two weeks after starting practicing yoga. The reason for this is elimination of toxins from your body. After this initial period of body cleansing, the way you feel will considerably improve. The change you’ll feel in terms of health and vitality will be the most fulfilling, you’ll see.

*Image credits: photos by rivieramaya26, Jason Verwey on flickr

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